$50k in Fifty Days

Right now, we need you more than ever!

We are excited to announce that incredible progress is being made in the development of our innovative online mentoring solution. We're so close now and we just need to rally everyone together to get us over the line.  

The goal, really simply, $50k in 50 days.  Can you help?  Every little bit, or large bit, helps!




Can you help us get to $50k by August 31, 2016?  If you do, that means we can release our online mentoring platform in January 2017.  So in just a few months, young DSG people will have access to the role models that they need. 

Not only that, they'll have the support they need to navigate tricky periods in their lives.  They'll have someone in their corner helping them to combat depression and anxiety.  More than anything, they'll have the support they need to reach their potential.

Know someone who can make a huge contribution?  There are seats at an exclusive dinner available for donors over $2000. Don't worry, every donation over $2 is tax deductible and is hugely important to us.  Do something awesome. Tell all your friends!


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