June Volunteer HangOut

Hey! It's time to get together again!  This time we'll aim for something a little more social so we can all get to know each other a bit better.  Stay tuned for details of where in the Melbourne CBD we'll be!

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What if I have no idea how I can help as a volunteer?

That's fine!  We'll have heaps of options for you to think about on the night and something will probably suit you.  Even if you don't have a background or skill in a particular area, volunteering could be an opportunity for you learn more about something and meet cool, passionate people.

How much time will volunteering with StartOut take?

That is really up to you and the team you get together with.  We want your volunteering experience to be amazing so we'll do what we can to make sure it works for you.  We would like it if you could make it to most of the monthly HangOut events but completely understand when you can't.  Some of our volunteer roles will involve a lot of time in bursts, others will be a small amount regularly.  Either way, we're happy to have people who have energy and passion involved however they can be.

Do I have to do anything to become a volunteer with StartOut?

Yes. To officially start in a volunteer role you will need to do a police check and have a working with children check.  Other than that, if we find a role you'd like to undertake we'll need you to fill out a sign up form, do a quick and informal interview and agree to be awesome but not a lot else!  We can start that process at the HangOut.

I'd like to be a mentor to someone.

Excellent - although we're not recruiting mentors just yet.  We need to get the StartOut Crew together to work on all the supporting things first.  Stay on the list, feel free to join us at HangOut events and maybe even help out some other way in the mean time.

Can I bring a friend, they might want to volunteer as well?

Yes, of course! Just get them to sign up on this page themselves and they're most welcome!

June 24, 2014 at 6pm - 9pm
TBD - Melbourne CBD
Brendan White · · 0409969319

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